Growing Older Getting Colder


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Growing older getting colder from this pain
I was born into a world that never cared if i was safe.
With every step, with every choice I've ever made, never gained an ounce of happiness just ridicule and blame.
From this moment on I'll never dread another day, with my head held high I rely on only me.
No misery, no missing piece, no one to blame. I'll rise above the scum and victims of society
I've set myself fucking free.
when this world crashes down i'll hold onto the one thing, the one thing that's always true, the one thing that will see me through.
you live your life and i'll live mine, better hope our fucking paths don't cross again in this lifetime. I don't retreat, I have beliefs, I'll never cover up my X's till the coffin closes over me.
and when that fateful day
that they cover my body
I know I've lived my life with honor. never selling out my beliefs. I've felt the highs, I've felt the lows. we'll win this war with no retreat. The older i get, the more i see, this life's the only way for me. A little older, a little colder, I've built myself to stand alone.


released August 27, 1990



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xDEVOTIONx Reno, Nevada

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