No Stars


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released December 10, 2014



all rights reserved


xDEVOTIONx Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: No Stars
no prisoners, no mercy, this life is all or nothing
there is no turning back, so you don't save a thing
learn from the past then let it go
there will be no second chances
unload it all and burn the ship
there will be no voyage back
there will be no stars to bear us home
Rider, Ride with me
Let all our trumpets sound
Track Name: Sober Soldier
all of your questions, all of your wonder
how could i vow to live my whole life sober?
this world has pain, this world has misery
better to fight without a poison to inhibit me
i'm not afraid, i'll never run
i'll be indifferent, i'll be the chosen one
i'll grow to be the very best that i can be
a sober soldier in a wretched society
i wear these marks for all to see
i'll show this world that it'll never beat me
i can thrive with piece of mind
that i'll be sober till the end of time
Straight Edge
clear mind to guide my way
in a world that wants to see me fail
Straight Edge
Head High, Stand Tall
Track Name: No Victory
There's no victory without sacrifice
turned my back on a normal life
heroes aren't born we forge ourselves
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat
lay low all that oppose me
have more passion, steal your mind
make no apologies for who i choose to be
these are the time we will always remember
these are the times we will never regret
There's no victory without sacrifice
someone's gotta get their hands dirty
if we want to be free
and not just someone, but you and me
every challenge overcome
everyday a stronger resolve
all the times you couldn't
i know you can
Theres no victory without sacrifice
Track Name: Unwanted
Fed up with everything around us, this society makes us sick.
you can have your dog eat dog, we'll stand together as one
we are unwanted, left out in the cold.
you could never understand what goes through our heads
we made a place to call our own. where we can express ourselves
and our frustration is what fuels our liberation
unwanted. we will rise above
ive been alone, i've been betrayed, i've been without hope a thousand days
through this judgements weight on me FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, set me free
we are unwanted, left out in the cold
you could never understand what goes throught our heads
till the day we die
this rage will burn inside
we will spit in your eye
we live our lives to not comply
Unwanted, we will rise above.